Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles ?>

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles

candlesMost ladies love luxury scent candles but can be told in a sarcastic tone why don’t they just burn some dollar bills LOL. Yeah that’s true but bills or notes will finish pretty quick, would not give the ultimate look, glow and scent the luxury scent candle would give.

They don’t always have to be pricey. I have recently been running into affordable ones too, so now my room these days stays scented with scent candle’s nice fragrances free of guilt. If lit in the living room no price analysis debates take place.

The particular name we are talking about here is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles. Who introduced me to these doesn’t ring a bell at the moment but I got me from iHerb and they are wonderful.

Just one point that I dislike about these is that they are quiet heavy so delivering process gets costly. So mostly I order single piece.

About the candle

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day candles come in a vessel or jar that has a lid top. The lid can be screwed on and off the jar while candles are soy. They do not have any extravagant look, but the lid feature keeps the scent locked which I like so much. That’s one practical likeable point, the other is when you are done with the candle the vessel can be reused.

The fragrance is quick to disperse and kind of strong as many luxury candles had failed to fill the same space with fragrance but Mrs. Meyer’s successfully did.

The candle burns out quickly though no unbalanced burning was seen in them. They can last for 35 hours.


Geranium– very calming, in an hour the entire home was scented and even lasted after the candle was put out.

Lavender– not my personal favorite because it kind of smelled un-natural

Iowa pine– reminds of Christmas, warm n spicy I would say.

Two more worth mentioning;

Basil and Lemon verbena which I’ll get on my next orders.

The wick does not reach the bottom so about a centimeter wax was left at the bottom. So if you have useful tips on how to remove that wax(because it smell so good I hate to see it go to waste)let me know as well.

Bottom line

Mrs. Meyer’s scent candles are cost effective but carry more weight so delivery charges cut in the price advantage. They are natural and give a fresh feeling to entire room without taking up much time, and the nice glass vessel can be used for multiple purposes afterwards. Candle lovers, do give it a try!

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