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Jo Malone Scent Candles

Jo Malone Scent CandlesHere I am on Friday night dressed comfortably writing on my laptop about the loves of my life, candles! Yes you read it correctly in the first attempt  candles. I am obsessed with extravagant scented candles. As soon as i lit one up i start my countdown to my next visit to Jo Malone store. A part of me soothes watching that little flame dance slowly while a little corner of my heart dreads that soon we ll be apart. See? Totally obsessed!

So last week if someone saw me tripping over the Jo Malone slippery floor they now know what i was holding in my hands! An almond and macron scented candle that made my heart melt.

After a playful splurge when you are handed your long awaited sweetheart the high sensation feels sweet as honey and Jo Malone are good at keeping the secrecy till the last moments. The fabulous wrapping and casing enhances the whole splurging indulgence.

My most favorite is definitely sweet almond and macroon candle where subtle toasted sugar feeling mixes with almond and give an aroma that’s cheerful yet soft on the senses. Like an old favorite movie.

Second best to me is Pomegranate Noir. It kept me refreshed during my last days of pregnancy. I call this aroma more energetic and works well during dinner parties.

I love lighting candles when evening serenity falls and time slows down for a while I feel more attuned into myself. No motherly responsibilities frazzle my mind for a while, i indulge in the scent and tiny warm glow.

Jo Malone are always special to me as they last longer and burn smoothly and evenly. Finness of the scent is unquestionable. My home is quickly filled with fragrance as i lit up any of my Jo Malones. A small flame fills the space between four walls with holiness to me.

Once all used up i reuse the jar as make up brush holder. If you feel the same way with your scent candles share your feeling in the comment section.

Note: I buy the candles with my own money and review them out of my own desire. I am not paid to write the review in any way.

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