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About Us

monica-blogHi am Monica, a mommy from USA (by birth Columbian). I currently live in Vancouver BC with my hubby and two young sons. One Smiley Monkey is my creative place my blog where I enjoy writing and photography with a perspective of my life with family. I am also the author of Raising Baby Green, The Easy Way.

Ever since I had babies the whole lifestyle of mine changed, over flooded with options that ranged from feeding a baby to keeping them clean and whatever large criteria a baby’s life touch. Diapers and shampoos to bottle cleaners to baby food, there is a huge market to buy (or not) from. With so much to choose from the whole process of picking just a single item becomes mind boggling as every parent wants nothing but the best for their child. Going through the same I tried many products myself in a venture to pick out the best ones. So I feel now I can offer solutions up to where my knowledge best serves me so others may benefit from my experience.

In a desire to offer help I hope you find my reviews helpful, save you time and money. You are more than welcomed to share your own views on this platform so everyone can have even enhanced experience.

Thanks for dropping by! Ciao!