9 Ways Your Destroying Your Garbage Disposal ?>

9 Ways Your Destroying Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage_DisposalMany people generally use their garbage disposals as a way to trash “everything but the kitchen sink.”
Contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals are not indestructible or immune to wear, and tear.
Although these machines are called garbage disposals, certain types of waste products can damage the disposal and its draining system.

To avoid damage to your disposal and to ensure that your drain keeps working at optimal capacity Service America suggests you avoid putting these products in your garbage disposal.

1. Starchy or stringy vegetables

  • Foods like
  • Celery
  • Rhubarb
  • Asparagus
  • Artichokes
  • Chard
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Potato Skins
  • Corn Husks

Can be harmful to your garbage disposal.

They can easily wrap around the disposal’s blades, causing resistance. This can prevent effective chopping and potentially clog your drain. Vegetables with high starch content like corn or potatoes. Can congeal [become sticky] over tie.
Excess amounts of these foods, can build up over time, causing blockages and poor performance.

2. Pasta or Rice

Cooked or uncooked, do not dispose of pasta or rice in the garbage disposal. These substances expand when they come into contact with water. Once in the garbage disposal, they will keep expanding until they clog your drain.

3. Grease, Cooking Oil or Fat

There’s really no good way to dispose of grease, oil or fat, but the garbage disposal is one of the worst.
Although grease may go into the sink as a liquid, when it cools, it solidifies into a waxy paste. This can cause clogs in your drain and gum up the disposal.
Grease, oil and fat can also build up in septic systems, causing some pretty unpleasant smells and sewer bills.

4. Egg Shells

The thin membrane on the inside of the egg shell can wrap itself around the blade, causing the disposal to stop working correctly.
Built up crumbs up egg shell can also stick to anything else you may have down there, causing a good solid plug up.

5. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can get stuck in the trap of your garbage disposal.
Instead of throwing them in the sink, compost your coffee grounds.
It’s an environmentally friendly and effective way to dispose of your coffee grounds; it’s also a secret weapon for maintaining a beautiful garden!

6. Fruit Pits or Seeds

Pits or seeds will damage the garbage disposal blades and may even clog your drain. Avoid putting rock-like fruit pits down the drain.

  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • Nectarines
  • Apricots
  • Cherries
  • Mangoes
  • Avocados
  • Olives

7. Bones

It goes without saying, but if you do want an explanation, here it is.
Putting small bones down the disposal not only exceeds your motor and blades limitations.
But it can cause a perfectly formed plug in your drain system. Garbage Disposals do not have the power or the blade type to completely chop up bones, instead you are left with fairly large pieces, which will cause you a lot of issues.

8. Non-Food Garbage

As we said before, some people believe you can send down “anything” you want to your disposer.
You can’t.
Avoid throwing in any miscellaneous trash that can fit down in there, things that are made of plastic, metal or cardboard will not break down and will destroy your garbage disposal completely. Save yourself the money and throw the trash in the trash can.

*As a rule, don’t put anything down the garbage disposal that won’t break down in your septic system or sewer. Think “biodegradable”

The Best Fats For Air Fryers ?>

The Best Fats For Air Fryers

Monounsaturated Fats

Air fryers machines give wider varieties of oils and fats to be used for cooking the food in it. On the other hand, they require really small quantities to be used each time so you’d probably go for small bottles, which need to be stored in the fridge. But what are the fats that can be used for cooking in the hot fryers? Here’s a list of my six preferred ones:

Almond oil:

This is better if used in the second part of cooking or better say the last 5 minutes before taking out the fried vegetables out of the best air fryer. Why so? The almond oil has a particularity: it gives a nice, toasted almonds taste to the food, but the heat can easily destroy it. If used on the food while being fried for just a few minutes, the taste doesn’t go away. It is mostly used on green vegies like broccoli or green beans. Use just one tablespoon for a little taste but not for pure frying purposes.

Avocado oil:

This is also used not for pure frying or other cooking methods purposes, rather than for adding some interesting flavor to the already cooked food. It needs to be stored in the fridge and you can take it out 10 minutes before using it to spray your food.

Coconut oil:

This is another valid option if you want to spray your food with some tasty oil. When it becomes really solid it takes the shape and taste of coconut butter. It is mainly used to prepare Asian recipes and gets stored in the fridge. You will need to use it in the room temperature so you’ll need to take it out of the fridge almost 10 minutes before using it. It is not strongly suggested by nutritionists but don’t worry if you are going to use it occasionally and in small quantities.

Duck fat:

This is really convenient and calorie saving considering that one tablespoon works miracles like 3 or 4 would. It stores kind of soft so it can be used immediately after taken out f the fridge and is really tasty. It doesn’t get bad if heated, thus, it becomes an excellent option for cooking food in the Actifry or other air fryers.

Hazelnut oil:

This oil is mostly used to give and extra flavor to dishes like risotto, cooked eggplants or simple potatoes. Of course, it also needs to be stored in the fridge for a longer lasting life.

Olive oil:

The one and only: olive oil! It is well known for its nutritious effects in the human body and is mostly used for spraying already cooked vegetables, salad or other kinds of food. It is also used for cooking purposes sometimes but its quality of evaporating while heating makes it less convenient as you’d need to really use more quantity than other fats to heat your pan. Instead, if the food is already dipped in the cooking machine or hot pan, it doesn’t evaporate that quickly, but he olive oil gets absorbed quickly especially from vegies like eggplants, peppers etc.

The Anti Snoring Chin Strap ?>

The Anti Snoring Chin Strap

CHINSTRAPA recent sleep study conducted here in the UK showed that at least 30% of the population suffers from snoring. It shouldn’t be very alarming, as it is very common to suffer from it, or to be around someone who does. But now that we know this, how do we stop it?

Can we stop it?

It is a proven fact through scientific research and just the know-how of your daily life, that poor sleep at night can cause some serious health problems. When we don’t get a complete night of rest our bodies don’t get the required amount of recharging that they need to perform each day at the fullest.

This can cause a large strain on your daily living, mental health, and overall well-being, and as one of the 30% I was determined to find a solution that actually worked.

In-Effective Options

If your like me, and can’t help but wake up the entire house every night with your snores, then you may have gone done a similar path. Searching for a real anti-snoring solution that would end that annoying sound once and for all.

But there are a lot of different anti-snoring products out there, and if you dive into them as deeply as I did than you are going to find that over half of them don’t do a thing.

There are some quality mouth-guards that work, but the one thing I never tried but was intrigued by the snoring chin strap.

Luckily, I did some research before making my purchase and discovered one that would change my sleeping life forever.

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

I came across the “My Snoring Solution Chin Strap”, which I would find out was a very accurate name. Of course going into this purchase I was a little hesitant, I mean wearing a chin strap? That sounds a little embarrassing doesn’t it?

Well, I thought to myself that I could either worry about what my wife thinks of me every evening when we turn the lights out, or I could continue to annoy her and the kids all night with my trumpet for a nose.

So I bought one, and the first evening I tried it out. When I slid it onto my face I noticed immediately that the material stretched very easily to adjust to my face, but not only that the fabric was smooth—making for a comfortable fit.

The strap functions by holding your jaw forward to maintain an open airway when you sleep. I never knew that this was even the cause of my snoring, but when you understand what it is that actually causes those bellowing sounds at night, you know this is the real deal.

I was able to sleep quietly and peacefully. Without a sore jaw in the morning even. The chin strap really worked, and I am thankful for that every night I wear it. If you have been searching for the solution to end your snoring, the anti-snoring chin strap.

ThermoScan Ear Thermometer by Braun ?>

ThermoScan Ear Thermometer by Braun

BraunNo matter how hard you try the prevention every once in a while cold and flu season hits and one family member at least is sure to get sick. Being prepared makes the whole irritating experience a bit easier if essentials are kept handy.

Luckily we were sent ThermoScan Ear Thermometer from Braun to write a review which makes the whole checking the temperature game piece of cake. We all know as parents the younger the child more of a hustle it is to check the temperature.

It has some really nice features like a small night light that facilitates reading temperature in a subtly illuminated room. The temperature checking apex is warmed in advance, is flexible and feels soft while giving a correct reading.

Another neat feature i have never seen before is it signals with a small light and sound when get in correct position in the ear no more wondering.

They have equipped the thermometer with memory how convenient is that? No fuss of keeping tracks while you are feeling already down. Keeps record of the last nine readings.

Removable dispensable lens covers enhance the sterility with no transportation means for germs. Twenty are supplied in the package.

All of the above and a securing case can it get any better?

ThermoScan Ear Thermometer by Braun can be bought from London Drugs, Target, Lawtons Toys R Us Walmart Rexall and a few more names that fall under the category of All Mass and Pharmacies except only Shoppers Drug Mart. It is priced at $89.99. Along with disposable filters and outer case 2 AA batteries are also included. Visit their website for more info.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles ?>

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles

candlesMost ladies love luxury scent candles but can be told in a sarcastic tone why don’t they just burn some dollar bills LOL. Yeah that’s true but bills or notes will finish pretty quick, would not give the ultimate look, glow and scent the luxury scent candle would give.

They don’t always have to be pricey. I have recently been running into affordable ones too, so now my room these days stays scented with scent candle’s nice fragrances free of guilt. If lit in the living room no price analysis debates take place.

The particular name we are talking about here is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candles. Who introduced me to these doesn’t ring a bell at the moment but I got me from iHerb and they are wonderful.

Just one point that I dislike about these is that they are quiet heavy so delivering process gets costly. So mostly I order single piece.

About the candle

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day candles come in a vessel or jar that has a lid top. The lid can be screwed on and off the jar while candles are soy. They do not have any extravagant look, but the lid feature keeps the scent locked which I like so much. That’s one practical likeable point, the other is when you are done with the candle the vessel can be reused.

The fragrance is quick to disperse and kind of strong as many luxury candles had failed to fill the same space with fragrance but Mrs. Meyer’s successfully did.

The candle burns out quickly though no unbalanced burning was seen in them. They can last for 35 hours.


Geranium– very calming, in an hour the entire home was scented and even lasted after the candle was put out.

Lavender– not my personal favorite because it kind of smelled un-natural

Iowa pine– reminds of Christmas, warm n spicy I would say.

Two more worth mentioning;

Basil and Lemon verbena which I’ll get on my next orders.

The wick does not reach the bottom so about a centimeter wax was left at the bottom. So if you have useful tips on how to remove that wax(because it smell so good I hate to see it go to waste)let me know as well.

Bottom line

Mrs. Meyer’s scent candles are cost effective but carry more weight so delivery charges cut in the price advantage. They are natural and give a fresh feeling to entire room without taking up much time, and the nice glass vessel can be used for multiple purposes afterwards. Candle lovers, do give it a try!

Jo Malone Scent Candles ?>

Jo Malone Scent Candles

Jo Malone Scent CandlesHere I am on Friday night dressed comfortably writing on my laptop about the loves of my life, candles! Yes you read it correctly in the first attempt  candles. I am obsessed with extravagant scented candles. As soon as i lit one up i start my countdown to my next visit to Jo Malone store. A part of me soothes watching that little flame dance slowly while a little corner of my heart dreads that soon we ll be apart. See? Totally obsessed!

So last week if someone saw me tripping over the Jo Malone slippery floor they now know what i was holding in my hands! An almond and macron scented candle that made my heart melt.

After a playful splurge when you are handed your long awaited sweetheart the high sensation feels sweet as honey and Jo Malone are good at keeping the secrecy till the last moments. The fabulous wrapping and casing enhances the whole splurging indulgence.

My most favorite is definitely sweet almond and macroon candle where subtle toasted sugar feeling mixes with almond and give an aroma that’s cheerful yet soft on the senses. Like an old favorite movie.

Second best to me is Pomegranate Noir. It kept me refreshed during my last days of pregnancy. I call this aroma more energetic and works well during dinner parties.

I love lighting candles when evening serenity falls and time slows down for a while I feel more attuned into myself. No motherly responsibilities frazzle my mind for a while, i indulge in the scent and tiny warm glow.

Jo Malone are always special to me as they last longer and burn smoothly and evenly. Finness of the scent is unquestionable. My home is quickly filled with fragrance as i lit up any of my Jo Malones. A small flame fills the space between four walls with holiness to me.

Once all used up i reuse the jar as make up brush holder. If you feel the same way with your scent candles share your feeling in the comment section.

Note: I buy the candles with my own money and review them out of my own desire. I am not paid to write the review in any way.